Saturday, 22 September 2012

Painty Experiments

I have been following an online class from Donna Downey this year called Canvas Create, where we get to paint a new canvas each month, trying out new techniques. I have to admit that some of my efforts have not really been fit for public view, but the August project was one I absolutely loved, because it uses the style of one of my favourite painters, Flora Bowley. Her work is just amazing.
So inspired by Donna's take on Flora's style here is the canvas that I have created, using my growing collection of Golden Fluid and Heavy Bodied Acrylics. These are the best paints I have ever used, and so worth the money.

I love Donna's videos and the wonderful technical terms she uses like drippage and gloppage (not sure if that's the right spelling but you get my drift I'm sure). And I had a ball with the drippage on this one, using my paints, Liquitex Acrylic Inks and a water spray bottle, plus a towel to mop up puddles, and apart from the small details it is pretty much all finger painting.  However, it is very important to ignore the phone when doing this or your telephone will be covered in a very interesting and completely abstract design.

 I've got a feeling that I should have stopped a bit before I did, but it's my first attempt and all part of the learning process. The size of my canvas is 18'' x 24'', and it's the biggest thing I've ever done, but I loved all the finger painting, and freedom that using a larger canvas brings, so I couldn't resist the best bargain of the year in the local home bargain store, where they have got some whopping 36'' x 48''canvases for sale at £1.99. I think the girl on the counter thought I'd gone mad as I struggled with five of these at the till.


Artyjen said...

OMG! DO tell which store!!! Want very much to explore this sort of thing too :) Your canvas looks sooooo fabby ;)
xoxo Sioux

Brenda Brown said...

A fabulous canvas Sue, gorgeous colours and images.
I wonder what you'll make with those extra large canvases you've bought?
hugs {brenda} xox

Angie A. said...

Beautiful!! I too have been taking Donna's online Canvas Create and am enjoying the freedom to just play. You have done a wonderful job!