Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Directions

Is that the name of some boy band? If it is, it's not them I'm writing about.
This year I have decided that I want to try a lot more mixed media type stuff. So where better to start than with an online course with the amazing Donna Downey.
Each month this year Donna will post an online tutorial for a mixed media canvas creation.
Here's my first attempt at January's canvas.

My canvas is 8 x 10, and I had a lovely messy time painting it. Love doing splatters!
As Donna says sometimes you've just got to go for it  even though when you've done something you may not always like it. I kind of think the word is a bit too black, so might have another go but maybe write with a charcoal pencil instead. I used various craft acrylics, but have had a little shopping spree this morning and ordered some lovely Golden acrylics as I only have white and titan Buff in my paint supply at present. It certainly pays to have a good hunt around on the internet, as I eventually found them at half the price of one of the first suppliers I looked at.
When the new paints come I'll have another go at this canvas.
Can't wait for next months project.
And.... in March I off to Birmingham for a fab looking workshop on Sunday 25th with Donna at The Custard Factory. Should be good.


Artyjen said...

Sure you will have a fabulous time ;)
xoxo Sioux

Anesha said...

Beautiful canvas, very striking!!